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  1. My morning commute! I love studying other artists styles! for this one i was totally riffing on ripping off  Fabien mense

    My morning commute! I love studying other artists styles! for this one i was totally riffing on ripping off  Fabien mense

  2. Here is the Terrarium i made for SimpleCG’s Terrariums and aquariums challenge

  3. You know nothing Jon Snow!!! 

    You know nothing Jon Snow!!! 

  4. jimstix said: Hi can you please help me with something? I'm trying to make a animated gif of my low poly blender models but I don't what rendering options to use, resolution, lighting gif stuff etc.

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions and requests asking for tutorials and the like and I really do want to get to them all eventually but I am new to the whole tutorial game so you will have to be patient with me while I figure this out :) As a side note: anyone know any good screen recording software? Message me if you do! 

    Okay so i don’t know a whole lot about blender. The last time I picked it up a copy was in 6th grade, 2001, when I tried to learn how to 3d model using the blender manual I bought at Borders, but was bogged down by far too much technical stuff. So I gave up on it and didn’t touch 3d modeling again until my sophomore year of high school when I learned lightwave (ahh ouch that series sentences made me start to feel old…). Since then I have been using Maya and I am pretty happy. BTW I think Maya will still give you a copy of the software for free if you are a student. If you are I would DEFINITELY take advantage of this. 

    So I can’t speak specifically to the blender interface but what I can do is speak more in a general sense that way when it comes to the technical side of things you know what to google. 

    So for making an animated gif all you should need is:

    • a 3d software package (maya, blender, etc)
    • photoshop or gimp.

    I use Maya and photoshop but I hear gimp works just fine (and is free!).

    The basic thing you want to do is:

    • using your 3d software render out and image sequence. PNGs work great, but you can really use whichever image file you like so long as your Photoshop or Gimp software can read it. As far as resolution go I try and keep it a 72 DPI and at whatever the final aspect ratio is going to be. If i’m rendering out for tumblr i will often end up resizing it to fit the 500 px work space in photoshop, so I’ll render out the original at say 1000x1000. But that is mostly a preference thing. Lighting? That might be a whole tutorial on it’s own so i’ll delve more into that at a later date but if you are just trying to show off a prop or a single character I find that a single directional light should do the trick. 
    • Next! Using either Photoshop or gimp you want to open up those files as an image sequence. In photoshop this is done by going to “Open”. Then select the first image of the sequence only. Check the box that says image sequence . And then hit open.  It should prompt you to select the frame rate. Select which ever frame rate you animated your file in. 
    • From here you should then export your gif. In Photoshop this is done by clicking “save for web”. This will bring up a pop up where you can mess with the settings of your gif and customize its playback and size. Once you are happy with these settings hit save and that’s it!! You have made a gif!  

    Be aware when making your gif that size does matter and that the smaller you can make it the better. Tumblr mobile I know has trouble playing gifs over 500k. It might not even play them at all sometimes. 

    TLDR: Render and image sequence, Open image sequence in PS or Gimp, Export as GIF

    I hope that helps! I would really like to try and do some video tutorials soon. Let me know if you guys have any thing specific you would like me to demo! And also let me know of any good software to use when making them. I can’t wait to see what you guys are doing for this month’s challenge!! 

  5. Time to suit up!!! 

    I made this for the Sci Fi weapons challenge currently going on on my cg blog. It is surprisingly hard to find both easy to understand and accurate designs for the proton packs, this was a bit of a challenge, but i like the result. 

  6. I picked up the book Gnomes by Wil Nuygen and Rien Pourtvliet yesterday and felt inspired to make another Gnome drawing. 

  7. There is going to be a Pee Wee Herman gallery show and I’m going to be in it!!!  There is going to be a Pee Wee Herman gallery show and I’m going to be in it!!! 
    High Resolution

    There is going to be a Pee Wee Herman gallery show and I’m going to be in it!!! 

  8. simplecg:

    Awesome job with the food challenge guys!!!! This month’s Challenge will be SciFi weapons!!! Make any kind you like, you can even invent a new one! 

    You will have the month to make your weapon (or weapons).  When you are done upload and Tag your work with #SimpleCG, at the half way point, July 15, I will check the tag and begin reblogging the pieces I find ONLY in that tag.

    Good Luck you guys!!! 

    This months challenge: scifi weapons!! What will be your weapon if choice?

  9. I went to see the mountain goats at the Mayan theater. It was the best show ever!!!! During the show he performed “Southwestern Territory” and talked for a bit before performing the song about the influence being the old local wrestling matches. The guys were average guys and the costumes were clearly made by the wrestlers themselves. It put this image in my mind of a wrestler doing last minute fixes to his costume before a fight. I then found out the event was recorded so i decided to make a fan album cover for the “live album”. Enjoy!! 

    01 - intro
    02 - High Hawk Season
    03 - New Star Song
    04 - Love Love Love
    05 - Maybe Sprout Wings
    06 - Linda Blair Was Born Innocent
    07 - Tallahassee
    08 - Southwestern Territory
    09 - Steal Smoked Fish
    10 - Fall of the Star High School Running Back
    11 - San Bernardino
    12 - Alpha Rats Nest
    13 - You Were Cool
    14 - Woke Up New
    15 - Up the Wolves


    16 - Wild Sage
    17 - Jenny
    18 - No Children

    Encore 2: (that’s right, two) 

    19 - Shadow Song
    20 - Black Molly
    21 - California Song

  10. I miss home… I miss the balloons…