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  1. I picked up the book Gnomes by Wil Nuygen and Rien Pourtvliet yesterday and felt inspired to make another Gnome drawing. 

  2. There is going to be a Pee Wee Herman gallery show and I’m going to be in it!!!  There is going to be a Pee Wee Herman gallery show and I’m going to be in it!!! 
    High Resolution

    There is going to be a Pee Wee Herman gallery show and I’m going to be in it!!! 

  3. simplecg:

    Awesome job with the food challenge guys!!!! This month’s Challenge will be SciFi weapons!!! Make any kind you like, you can even invent a new one! 

    You will have the month to make your weapon (or weapons).  When you are done upload and Tag your work with #SimpleCG, at the half way point, July 15, I will check the tag and begin reblogging the pieces I find ONLY in that tag.

    Good Luck you guys!!! 

    This months challenge: scifi weapons!! What will be your weapon if choice?

  4. I went to see the mountain goats at the Mayan theater. It was the best show ever!!!! During the show he performed “Southwestern Territory” and talked for a bit before performing the song about the influence being the old local wrestling matches. The guys were average guys and the costumes were clearly made by the wrestlers themselves. It put this image in my mind of a wrestler doing last minute fixes to his costume before a fight. I then found out the event was recorded so i decided to make a fan album cover for the “live album”. Enjoy!! 

    01 - intro
    02 - High Hawk Season
    03 - New Star Song
    04 - Love Love Love
    05 - Maybe Sprout Wings
    06 - Linda Blair Was Born Innocent
    07 - Tallahassee
    08 - Southwestern Territory
    09 - Steal Smoked Fish
    10 - Fall of the Star High School Running Back
    11 - San Bernardino
    12 - Alpha Rats Nest
    13 - You Were Cool
    14 - Woke Up New
    15 - Up the Wolves


    16 - Wild Sage
    17 - Jenny
    18 - No Children

    Encore 2: (that’s right, two) 

    19 - Shadow Song
    20 - Black Molly
    21 - California Song

  5. I miss home… I miss the balloons… 

  6. I couldn’t think of what to draw so Sasha suggested I draw harry potter in the style of a cute kids show. This is what i came up with! Also she did an awesome animation of Hagrid!!!!! 

  7. Vlogbrothers, the animated movie, coming to you in 2015

  8. I made a robot to do my bidding!!! first command: clean my room!! 

  9. likeonthediscoverychannel:

    I made another ecard for halmark!!! Check it out here

    Happy Father’s day!!! 

  10. sadqueer said: Hello! I was going to ask this on your Simple CG blog, but I don't think you have ask enabled. Anyway, I was just wondering if you do your CG animations in Maya or what and if someone using C4D can take part in your CG Food Challenge? I mean it's not going to have the same stylization as your examples but? Thanks!

    totally submit! I use Maya but there is a large community of C4D low poly artists out there doing amazing things and I would hate to exclude people based on what software they use. I would love to see what food you have to bring to this CG party!